The 3 Fastest, Totally Legit Ways To Make Money Online As A Writer

So you want to make some money online. Maybe you just need a couple hundred dollars to pay your bills, or maybe you want to make a full-time income online. You hop on Google and look around, maybe you’ve even read some of my other articles. Either way, you’ve noticed a theme. Making money online TAKES TIME. Usually anyway. I’ll admit that the large profits and the quitting your job takes time no matter what, but if you’re looking to get started, or you’re looking for a source or revenue to pay for things like hosting, keywords tools, and education, you don’t have to wait and pay for everything out of pocket. In fact, there are three ways to make some quick money that I’m going to show you right here in this article, so keep on reading for the 3 fastest ways to make money online for writers.

1). is by far the easiest, fastest way to make money online and help you create your “voice” with your writing at the same time. Signing up is a simple process. All you have to do is click ‘register now’ and create your account. You will then be asked to complete a small writing prompt, which is fairly simple, and then boom, you’re off to the races.

Once you’ve signed up you can click the ‘find writing jobs’ button at the top of the page where you will be taken to all of the writing jobs currently available. When you look at the available jobs you will also see the required number words as well as the payout and some quick info about the job. Clicking on the job will go into detail about what the client wants you to write. The more articles that you write that are accepted, the better jobs you will be able to accept.

One of my favorite things about is that the client doesn’t accept you, you accept the jobs you want. Once your article is submitted, the client then either accepts or rejects your work. Before you accept a job you can also see the client’s reject rate, and thus your likelihood of being accepted. Personally, I’ve written 6 articles and they’ve all been accepted and I’ve received a 5-star review from each client. Just remember to do your best work and you will be making money right away.

TIP: is not going to make you rich. I recommend using it as part of a larger strategy like making an extra $50 a month to fund a niche website using a program like Wealthy Affiliate, which I’ve written about here. This will allow you to create a money making niche site over time with no out of pocket cost while you build it.

2). ProBlogger Job Board

There are many job boards for writers but ProBlogger is one that is frequently updated and reliable. Unlike, it is possible to make a perfectly good living off of job boards like this one. The job board looks like this.

Clicking on a job will take you to a page where the client details the requirements and a link to the application process. Generally, they’d like you to provide samples and what you charge. Finding a good match can take time and not all of the jobs that you apply to will respond to you or accept your application. Don’t get discouraged though, if you remain consistent and follow up where you can it is perfectly reasonable to expect to land a job within a week or two.


ProBlogger offers RSS, so you are able to load them directly into your favorite RSS reader. Feedly is what I use and it will show you jobs by the day they were posted. Automation like this is key to being efficient and you can also load other job boards into your RSS reader so that you can get a broader range of options.

3). Pitching Blogs

This one is similar to the job board but instead of responding to an application, you’re pitching a website directly. This is not for the faint of heart. It requires consistency, followup, and a decent pitch, but there are tons of influencers that created entire businesses off of pitching their writing talents.

So how do you get into this form of making money? Many blogs have a section dedicated to guest posting. This section usually contains instructions for how to get in contact with the blog, how to submit a guest post and even what they pay and how the payout works. You’re probably going to find this info under a ‘write for us’ tab or something similar.

Pitching blogs takes practice so don’t be surprised and don’t give up when you don’t hear back from your first pitch, or even your first several pitches. Also keep in mind that the more articles that you write, the easier it will be to land other gigs because you will begin to build a portfolio and also references.


Use Google to make it easier to find the blogs that pay for articles. Adding ‘that pay’ or ‘that pay writers’ to the end of your search term will bring up several sites that will pay you to write articles. Example: tech blogs that pay writers or parent blogs that pay writers.


So that’s the three fastest ways that you can make money, no website and no blog required. So what do you think? have you tried any of these methods? If you have we’d love for you to share your experiences in the comments. Are you new to writing? Let us know which one of these you think you would be successful at. Also, keep in mind that while these are great ways to make some quick cash, you can also use these as part of a bigger strategy to create some true passive income. If you’d like to create your own niche site and receive all of the training to do so, check out my article about Wealthy Affiliate!

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