How to start an online business for free

When I was looking to start my business online one thing that I did not have was money to start it. It turns out that the phrase ‘you have to spend money to make money’ was true. I spent much time online trying to find an opportunity that would allow me to start for free. I was drawn in by many headlines like “start your business for free today!” or “Get started now, your first six months on us!” just to find out that I had to pay the second six months up front or that there was some kind of catch that made the whole thing pointless.

I was beginning to despair. I knew that I wanted something more than what my full time job was going to give me, but I was living paycheck to paycheck and I couldn’t afford to start with money down. Does that sound familiar? According to a telling study done by GOBankingRates, 52% of Americans age 18 to 24 are living paycheck to paycheck. The situation doesn’t get better with age. 46% of Americans age 25 to 34 also report living paycheck to paycheck and the story is similar throughout every age group in the study.

So what did I do? I kept looking. All you need to build a business online is a website, so I laser focused my research and eventually I found my answer. So today I am going to share with you how to start an online business for free.

What Kind of Business Can I Start For Free?

When I was looking for a business that I could start online while I was still working full time there were a few criteria that I needed it to fulfill in order for it to work out for me. First I needed it to be something that wasn’t going to be its own full time job. Now obviously to start any business there is a certain amount of effort and consistency that you have to put in and I understood this. I just wanted to be able to live a life I enjoyed.

Second was that I needed it to be something that could eventually generate passive income. You probably know this but passive income is income generated when you aren’t actively trying to earn it. Once I built my business I didn’t ever want to be in a situation where I was desperate for money ever again. I was looking for the opportunity to build a true cash flow asset.

Third was to create a business that I could scale. Now I know that anything that is free will have its flaws and I wanted the option to migrate to a potentially better platform when I was generating the revenue to put back into it. Basically I wanted something that I could invest in once I was able to.

Eventually I settled on blogging. You may be wondering why I chose blogging. You may even be wondering how blogging can make money, let alone passive income. There are actually numerous way that blogging can generate income, some of which include affiliate blogging, pay per click ads (think google ads), and as you build a brand for yourself people will reach out to you for sponsored posts and more. Blogging is probably the most versatile platform that you can choose.

So how can I start a blog for free?

The best free blogging platform that I have discovered is SiteRubix. SiteRubix is free domain that works with WordPress. WordPress is a platform designed for bloggers and it is very user-friendly. SiteRubix will not only host your blog, but they will also show you how to actually create a blog as well as monetize it. Now the free training here is limited but you will be able to make a complete website and get started blogging with little technical knowledge.

The biggest difference between SiteRubix and a regular domain is that you don’t own your website. That doesn’t mean that you don’t own the content however, you just don’t own the actual site. If you look in your address bar you will see that my website is If my site were in SiteRubix it would instead be Those are the big differences.

Right off the bat with SiteRubix I can work toward my residual income. That residual income would be achieved through helpful reviews of products or services that you are affiliated with. Those are called affiliate programs and they range from everything from Amazon and other shopping sites to Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix. The awesome thing about affiliate programs is that you don’t pay extra to get a product through an affiliate review. Often times you actually get a better review of the product or service than you would through the product’s own website. Don’t worry if all of this sounds complicated. You will get step by step video tutorials that teach you how to start.

SiteRubix is also scalable. You can see that I do not have a SiteRubix domain and that is because of the easy option to migrate it to your own domain whenever you want. So I’ve scaled to something a little more personal as I’ve grown. You will also learn how to do that when you are ready to move up.

You can get started here with your very own website today!!!

Overall SiteRubix is definitely the most helpful free platform I’ve seen to launch you into success online. You will learn how to optimize your site for the search engines, get started with affiliate blogging and more! My goal here at The Runaway Blogger is to help people who are stuck in dead end or mind-numbing fill time jobs to start a side business that they can build into and turn it into a full time gig. If you have any questions about SiteRubix or you need help with anything feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email at

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