Wealthy Affiliate Review – Starting Your Online Empire

First off I want to start with the basics. Just what exactly is Wealthy Affiliate, and why the heck should you use it? Well dear reader, Wealthy Affiliate is the multi tool of content creation and management. What do I mean by that exactly? Well as you may have already discovered, starting a business online usually requires a domain name, hosting, some degree of technical knowledge and more. Wealthy Affiliate is a training program on how to make your own blog. But they take it a step farther and host your domain, run tech support for you and have a sprawling and active community of users that will go out of their way to share information with you as well as help you out if you need it. They also show you how to monetize your blog. Most of this is free and they don’t have a lot of hidden fees. The only up sell is to go premium which is not only cost effective but adds a lot more content as well. So let’s jump right in and I’ll show you jut exactly how to blog with Wealthy affiliate.

The Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Hosting: 9.5/10

Domain Creation: 10/10

Active community: 8/10

Training: 8/10

Keyword Tool: 7.5/10

Tech Support: 10/10

Runaway Ranking: 9/10

Batteries included, minimal assembly required

The Memberships

Wealthy Affiliate makes it superbly easy to get started. From the sign up page you simply enter your information and create your account. You have two membership options to choose from and they are both straight forward, no nonsense and provide more value than they probably should.

Option 1: Free membership

The free membership gives you the first course for free. The great thing is that you CAN make money using the free option and you never ever have to upgrade. Along with the first course you get many other features such as interaction with the community for free for the first seven days. Also, if you sign up for premium in that period you get a discounted rate.

You will not be able to create your own domain with the free membership but you can take advantage of SiteRubix which provides you with your own website and practically all the same features minus a couple themes. This is really a great place to get started and if you ever decide that you want to go premium you will be able to import your SiteRubix website to a domain of your choosing. So don’t be afraid to try it out and make something that you will be proud of.

The main goal of the free membership is to get you started and pointed in the right direction. They do an excellent job by giving you the right information when you need it and you have access to a comprehensive video course that walks you step by step through starting your blog and getting content up that will get you recognized in google searches.

You can try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE here, no strings attached and see it for yourself!

Option 2: Premium Membership

The premium membership with wealthy affiliate is probably the single most amazing network of helpful bad asses I’ve ever been a part of. Take my word for it when I say that I’ve spent A LOT of money on programs that promise to help you start an online business. I’ve wanted to quit my job so bad for so long and up to now this is the only thing that was easy enough to understand and helpful enough to keep me going.

This is a breakdown of the differences between free and premium

As you can see you can easily start your blog with the free membership but premium will give you the tools to speed up the process of monetizing your blog.

The biggest game changers for me were the keyword research tools and the premium trainings. Imagine someone telling you exactly what to do, then you do it and when you come back they say “okay here’s the next step”. Wealthy affiliate works just like this and they are incredibly thorough. I’m no website expert and you don’t have to be either to start your blog and monetize it while writing about what you love. You can sign up for premium here.

Get a premium yearly subscription and get a 39% discount!!

Getting Started

Once you sign up you will be directed to set up your profile and there will be a bar at the top that walks you through what to set up. After that is set up the fun really begins. You will begin your first training video relatively immediately and it’s all up hill from there.

Your first couple of trainings will get you set up with your site and walk you through creating your about page and getting some initial content out. When I first started I thought that making a website was going to take hours but honestly I had everything live within minutes and my website was in the google search results within a few days.

Once you have completed all the free trainings, you are free to continue developing your content for as long as you like. If you loved the free trainings as much as I did you can go premium any time you like and expand on the video trainings as you grow your website.


Wealthy Affiliate is truly an amazing platform for content creation to the community that will support you on your way. Whether you go premium or not you will receive more value than you can imagine without trying it for yourself. If you do decide to go premium you will pay less for the whole platform than you will pay for just the hosting from many other companies. You cannot go wrong with whatever you choose and that’s why we give it a 9 out of 10. I truly recommend you try it for yourself and find out why so many decide to use Wealthy Affiliate.

As always I want to make sure my readers receive the most benefit possible from my reviews. This is how I got my start and I hope this was helpful for you. If you have experience with Wealthy Affiliate I encourage you to let me know what you got out of it in the comments below. You can always reach me at Rob@TheRunawayBlogger.com with any questions.

Happy Blogging

-Robert Cull


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